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Dante Coin

The Dante Coin was born out of the necessity to get monetary support by real people to produce films and everything else based on Dante Alighieri's masterpiece, The Divine Comedy. This decentralized currency is a new way for everyone, that loves Dante's work, to be part of this revolutionay idea to simply share Dante's teaching worldwide without the problem of international currencies.

Dante Coin is the next generation crypto coin because of its revolutionary idea of offering a money back guarantee on your investment, which we call "loan". This means that if its value does not go up as we think it should, you'll have the choice to sell it back to us at the same money you paid for initially. So, there will be no risk on your part because Dante Coin is NOT a stock in our company, but a way for you to help us with the possibility to prosper monetarily, while making history with us, and be reimbursed if our plan does not succeed with Dante Coin, although it will succeessful in films.

As we celebrate this once in a lifetime opportunity, we take one step at a time to make Dante Coin to be as strong as possible. In order to accomplish this, we need to help each other and post on social media these news, so people can support it by investing in Dante Coin.

Dante Coin is determined to build momenumt to pay the highest possible tribute to both, The Divine Comedy and our beloved Dante Alighieri who brought so much change and progress into this world since he came to visit us 750 years ago.


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