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Dante Coin Marketing

My Dante Coin

The interesting fact about each one of us buying Dante Coins is that we have in our own power to make our Dante Coins become more valuable, while at the same time be part of something really big, Dante's Divine Comedy films, art and books. Monetarily speaking is a simple concept, similar to how stocks work, the more people want them, the more the value goes up. So, if you buy Dante Coins and spread the word on your social media, friends and family, the value of your Dante Coins will go up when they buy. So, marketing is essencial to keep the value of Dante Coins up and grow. However, the big difference between stocks and other crypto coins with Dante Coins, is that we offer a money guarantee for your initial payment/investment directly from us. So, in other words, it is an loan to us with the advantage of making money when the value goes up and you sell them to a third party.

We'll use the power of films and Dante's magic to call attention to market Dante Coins like nobody has marketed any crypto coins so far. Each film will be presented by Dante Coins at the very begining along with the production company. We will soon release 8 short videos by producer/director B.A. explaining how he started his journey in Dante's world, starting with studying everything Dante Alighieri wrote in primitive Italian, to producing films, art, books and now Dante Coins. Each one of these videos will be uploaded to youtube for everybody to watch for free. You will also be able to use each one of these videos to post them on Facebook, Tweeter, your website, wherever you want and can, so you can also help in growing the value of your own Dante Coins. Off course, each one of these videos will be presented by Dante Coins using its logo in animated form.

It is also based on another simple concept, supply and demand. There may be a limit of 21,000,000 Dante Coins out in the market place, so the more they are acquired, the less there will be available, which makes the price to go up. As in any coin, each Dante Coin is divided into 100,000,000 Divines.

Dante Coins are unique in the fact that not only you support a meaninful project, but also it is a valid way for everybody to make money and prosper while helping the concept to grow and make a reality films that will change you and everybody that will watch them. Why? Because, although the story on the surface is about the afterlife (Inferno, Purgatory and Paradise) as well as the most powerful love story ever written, deep in the story is about "you", yes each one of us. A story that tells us where we are, where we are coming from and where will go to.


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