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Dante Coin Marketing

Marketing Dante Coin

Following the presentation behind Dante Coin in the About Us page, please read it before continuing, the following will be a plan to implement in the near future to support Dante Coin growth:

As you may have noticed at the beginning of each film you have already watched, there is one or more presenters, usually the production company and/or the distribution company, but sometimes a sponsor is also one of the presenters. In our case, we'll use Dante Coin as a sponsor in films and books already in existence (33) and in the future (33+), all we have to do is add it to the current films and books since they are all digital before becoming DVDs or paperbooks, so the digital versions just need to be updated and uploaded the newest files.

The strategy is to present not only Boris Acosta's films but also others through his distribution company, as well as ALL trailers watched for free on YouTube and throughout the Internet. Furthermore, the paintings mentioned above will be sold in the near in Dante Coins, not in dollars as it has been up to date. The paintings are sold through books via QR Codes at the bottom of each painting page. So, for its 2nd edition, now in the works and soon to be released, all QR Codes will be replaced, so when scanned the buyers will have to pay in Dante Coins. This concept will help raise the value of Dante Coins themselves.

You get the picture, as the knowledge of Dante Coins existence propagates, the currency will become more popular and valuable as people buy more and more. Therefore, your portfolio will grow in value everytime a film is presented by Dante Coins and announced through press releases distributed worldwide, and picked up by reporters who will write about the latest Dante Coin news, making it even more popular.

Dante Coin Presents ...

Dante Coin Presents: All trailers, videos, films, books and art produced by BA.

Dante Coin Presents "Dante's Inferno - Abandon All Hope" (a medium lenght documentary))

Dante Coin Presents "Dante's Hell Animated" (a medium lenght animation))

Dante Coin Presents "Inferno Dantesco Animato" (a medium lenght animation))

Dante Coin Presents "Dante's Hell" (a full documentary))

Dante Coin Presents "Dante's Purgatory" (a full documentary))

Dante Coin Presents "Dante's Paradise" (a full documentary))

The list above is only an example of how the concept of "Dante Coin Presents..." will be used to help grow Dante Coin value.


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